CD Words Untold & Dreams Unlived


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Release: 27. April 2007


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With their debut album, Serenity has closed ranks with scene greats such as Sonata Arctica. The Austrian quintet captivates with their unique brand of Progressive Metal, which perfectly unites technical prowess and a multi-faceted melodic approach with an extraordinary and catchy songwriting style. A pumping rhythm section, outstanding riffs, and powerful choirs support the prominent, strong vocals. Melodic Power, Speed, and Progressive Metal skillfully merge to create the latest musical sensation!

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01 Canopus 3
02 Reduced to Nothingness
03 Words Untold (instrumental)
04 Circle of My 2nd Life
05 Engraved Within
06 Forever
07 Dreams Unlived (instrumental)
08 Dead Man Walking
09 From Where the Dark is Born
10 Thriven


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