CD Fallen Sanctuary


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Release: 29. August 2008


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Scene greats such as Kamelot and Sonata Arctica may be forced to step aside and make way for
Symphonic Melodic Metal heroes SERENITY and their latest release “Fallen Sanctuary”.

The Austrian quintet’s forthcoming album further develops and refines their style, while maintaining their trademark sound,
driving rhythm section, and strong vocals.

The fine details reveal themselves gradually, allowing the listener to discover the hidden nuances in time.
The band’s strength continues to lie in their ability to compose catchy choruses without losing depth or complexity.
The package is rounded off by Jacob Hansen’s pumping mix, which impressively accentuates the individual instruments.

These Austrians will undoubtedly reach the Metal Olympus with “Fallen Sanctuary”, and one can only wonder if in fact they hadn’t already arrived long ago.

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01 All Lights Reversed
02 Rust Of Coming Ages
03 Coldness Kills
04 To Stone She Turned
05 Fairytales
06 The Heartblood Symphony
07 Velatum
08 Derelict
09 Sheltered (By The Obscure)
10 Oceans Of Ruby


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