CD Codex Atlanticus


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Release: 29. January 2016

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Serenity can`t just simply release an album – the symphonic metal giants invite their audience on truly epic journeys! “Codex Atlanticus” – their fifth album – boasts thrilling storytelling in the realms of art and science. Leonardo Da Vinci is the center of attention on this project, but conspiracy theorists, Illuminati and so forth will also rejoice when mastermind Georg Neuhauser gives free rein to his compositional genius. “Codex Atlanticus” encompasses elements of movie score type orchestral arrangements, mean riffing and lush melodies!

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01 Codex Atlanticus
02 Follow Me
03 Sprouts of Terror
04 Iniquity
05 Reason
06 My Final Chapter
07 Caught in a Myth
08 Fate of Light
09 The Perfect Woman
10 Spirit in the Flesh
11 The Order
12 Forgive Me (Bonustrack)
13 Sail (Bonustrack)
14 My Final Chapter (Bonustrack Orchestral Version)


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