CD Lionheart


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Release: 27. October 2017

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With a full grasp of stunning emotions and superior dramatic compositions these Austrian folks are world class, already winners of the prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2017. With the title of their sixth opus SERENITY describe themselves better than anyone else: “Lionheart!” Now that’s a statement! Cause their bubbly energy and joy of playing those fantastic Power Symphonic Metal-hymns can’t be tamed. Heroic and heartfelt – it’s almost impossible to not be carried away. Glorious melodies bind together on the likes of “United”. The angelic voice of Georg Neuhauser joins heavenly guitars and tremendous hooks in “Rising High”, “Eternal Victroy” and “Stand And Fight”. Pure symphonic joy!

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01 Deus Lo Vult
02 United
03 Lionheart
04 Hero
05 Rising High
06 Heaven
07 King's Landing
08 Eternal Victory
09 Stand and Fight
10 The Fortress (of Blood and Sand)
11 Empire
12 My Fantasy
13 The Final Crusade


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