CD Phantasma The Deviant Hearts


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Release: 20. November 2015

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Deluxe Edition incl. 6 Page Digipack CD with Bonus Track + 100 Page Novel “The Deviant Hearts” in a Slipcase.
A project of Georg Neuhauser (Serenity), Oliver Philipps (Everon) and Charlotte Wessels (Delain).

Allow yourself to be transported to another world by PHANTASMA – a project sprung from the collective energy of Georg Neuhauser (Serenity), Oliver Philipps (Everon) and Charlotte Wessels (Delain). The release features memorable songs and intense arrangements centered around included novella ‘The Deviant Hearts’.

PHANTASMA was born from the longstanding ambition to create a story driven concept record of Georg Neuhauser, vocal force behind Tyrolean Symphonic Metal outfit Serenity. He found his partner in crime with multi-instrumentalist composer, producer and vocalist Oliver Philipps (Everon) who gladly embarked on this new mission that allowed him to reconnect with being a musician in the first place, as a welcome change from working for other bands, which he has done extensively over the years, providing the rich sound connoisseurs of the genre have come to expect from him. As Oliver worked with DELAIN since their debuting record, a request at Charlotte Wessels’ address was made to complete the dynamic trio of PHANTASMA. To introduce Charlotte Wessels to any connoisseur of Symphonic metal would be like carrying coals to Newcastle – she is, after all, since 2005 the vocal figurehead of Dutch grandees DELAIN. It is therefore not only surprising, but also gratifying that Charlotte now even found some leisure time, to lend not only her voice to PHANTASMA but also her debut novella ‘The Deviant Hearts – which was written especially for the project.

With PHANTASMA she can let her beautiful and variable voice run free like the wind – sometimes tender like on “Runaway Grey”, plaintive on “Let It Die”, and the duet “The Lotus And The Willow” – makes Charlotte’s passion for Nick Cave abundantly clear, matching even the intensity of “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. Meanwhile Georg’s dedication for classic rock acts like Queen and Meatloaf shine through in tracks like “Crimson Course” and “Novaturient”. Giving a face to other characters in the story are noted guest vocalists, such as Tom Englund, who performs on title-track “The Deviant Hearts”, Cloe Lowery on the heart-wrenching ballad “Try” alongside Dennis Schunke, who can be heard also on the comforting “Carry Me Home”.

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01 Incomplete
02 The Deviant Hearts
03 Runaway Grey
04 Try
05 Enter Dreamscape
06 Miserable Me
07 The Lotus And The Willow
08 Crimson Course
09 Carry Me Home
10 The Sound Of Fear
11 Novaturient
12 Let It Die
13 Symphony of Light (Bonus Track)


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