Death & Legacy

The SERENITY masterpiece from 2011!!! Over 60 min. total running time based on a historic concept! Featuring guest singers Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN), Amanda Somerville (Avantasia/Epica/Kiske) and Ailyn (SIRENIA).

1. Set Sail To… (intro)
2. New Horizons
3. The Chevalier
4. Far From Home
5. Heavenly Mission
6. Prayer (interlude)
7. State Of Siege
8. Changing Fate
9. When Canvas Starts To Burn
10. Serenade Of Flames
11. Youngest Of Widows (LTD only)
12. Below Eastern Skies (interlude)
13. Beyond Desert Sands
14. To India’s Shores (LTD only)
15. Lament (interlude)
16. My Legacy

Produced by Oliver Philipps, Jan Vacik, Thomas Buchberger & Georg Neuhauser
Mixed and mastered by by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studios

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Death & Legacy

Release Date : February 25, 2011
Format : CD