War Of Ages

Released March 22nd 2013

Music & lyrics by Thomas Buchberger, Georg Neuhauser, Clementine Delauney & Mario Hirzinger

All music & lyrics by SERENITY Produced by Oliver Philipps, Jan Vacik & SERENITY
Except “Love of My Life” by Freddie Mercury - Queen (LTD only)
Lead vocal recordings by Thomas Buchberger & Oliver Philipps
Choir arrangements and recordings by Oliver Philipps
Guitar & bass recordings, drum editing, additional piano recordings,  
additional editing & preproduction by Thomas Buchberger
Orchestration,  keyboards/pianos, arrangements & additional editing by Oliver Philipps
Pianos on "Fairytales" & "Love of My Life" by “Jösi” Franz-Josef Hauser (LTD only)
Bass guitar recordings by Fabio D'Amore & Ivan Moni Bidin,
assisted by Simone Zoldan, at Artesonika Studios
All backing vocals & choirs performed by Georg Neuhauser, Clementine Delauney & Oliver Philipps
All rhythm, lead, acoustic & classical guitars performed by Thomas Buchberger (except effectguitar
on "Tannenberg" by Oliver Philipps) Mix and mastering by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studios

All artworks & digital postproduction by Seth Siro Anton, www.sethsiroanton.com
All bandpictures by Francesco Sogaro based on a concept by SERENITY
Additional stock pictures www.shutterstock.com, www.4mengroup.com


01. Wings Of Madness
02. The Art Of War
03. Shining Oasis
04. For Freedom's Sake
05. Age Of Glory
06. The Matricide
07. Symphony For The Quiet
08. Tannenberg
09. Legacy Of Tudors
10. Royal Pain

bonustracks: Fairytales (piano version) & Love of My Life (Queen cover)

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