PHANTASMA – The Deviant Hearts LTD Deluxe Edition

Release November 20th 2015

Deluxe Edition incl. 6 Page Digipack CD with Bonus Track + 100 Page Novel “The Deviant Hearts” in a Slipcase.

A project of Georg Neuhauser (Serenity), Oliver Philipps (Everon) and Charlotte Wessels (Delain).

01. Incomplete
02. The Deviant Hearts
03. Runaway Grey
04. Try
05. Enter Dreamscape
06. Miserable Me
07. The Lotus And The Willow
08. Crimson Course
09. Carry Me Home
10. The Sound Of Fear
11. Novaturient
12. Let It Die
13. Symphony of Light (Bonus Track)

EUR 18,00

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