Tourblog 2011 Finalized

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Leave's Eyes Tour 2011

Friday, 22nd of April
Georg and Mario sort out merchandise early in the morning and drive from Tyrol to Munich to pick up the van for all dates with Leave's Eyes - yesss - we have to drive on our own. Andi and Tom still have to work... Fabio is on his way to Austria. At about 2 o'clock the big load in begins. How the hell shell all this fit to that van??? Tetris level 9 --> and we managed to do it. Andi got the wrong train and makes a little sightseeing tour in Salzburg (about 2 hours away from the place where he was supposed to be ;-) and we all are happy that there is no show today. We could not have made it with Andi!!!
So we meet Andi at half past 5 in Rosenheim (Germany) and make lots and lots of jokes on him. So lets head to Bielefeld, Lisa Middelhauve's home and our tour 2011 headquarter. lWe have lots of fun in the car but we arrive quite late at half past 2 in the morning. Ahhhhhhh.... we are crazy.... So let's get to sleep....

Saturday, 23rd of April
So today the tour really starts with the first show in Enschede (NL) supporting Leave's Eyes. We have to travel for about 2 hours which is no problem at all. We left some merch at Lisa's place but still, the van is stucked!!! At the venue Atak we immediately meet the guys and girls from Midnattsol -- they are really really nice people (luckily!!). Soundcheck and everything gets a bit late - more some kind of a line check and we have to start the show half an hour earlier than it was announced. So 5 people in front of the stage -- later about 150... Still we had fun. The worst thing was to drive to Rotterdam till half past 3... Lots of bad dirty nasty talking in the car - as always!!!

Sunday 24th of April
We stayed at a friends place, got some sleep and we only have 10 minutes to the venue in Rotterdam. The show today already starts at 3 in the afternoon! Normal sunday show in the Netherlands!!! We wathched some funny stuff on Youtube (Hey Apple... What is it...) and are discovering new stuff in an awesome CD collection (3000+). Now let's move...

Monday 25th of April

The venue was well known to us from our first tour with Morgana Lefay. And all fears became true... Small stage, technical limitations, no backstage, no place for setting up our stuff,... However - it turned out to be a cool show then! Lots of SERENITY fans singing along our songs, wearing our shirts,... This was more like a short headlining gig refering to the audience. Thanx to everybody!!! Special thanks to everybody from the dutch fanclub - again! Was great to see you again. We had some plans to go to a pub in Den Haag. But the show was delayed and it took us much much longer than expected to finish everything and load in the van. So we had to change plans and directly got back to our friends place. Got something to eat and had a cool chat all together. Couple of hours sleep and right now we are preparing to leave for Frankfurt. Long drive - about 400km - but we have fun always. So I am really curious on what we will speak today. Lots of jokes expected ;-)

Tuesday 26th of April

Ok... well... ahhhhhh... was special today....  Crowd was ok, but the size of the stage as well as the backstage situation of the venue was just crazy! No backstage room, no room for setting up our stuff, no space on stage,... Georg stepping on my (Tom's) stuff, I touch all cymbals all the time, Fabio just is amused,... how the hell shell Lisa join us on this crowded stage... Somehow we manage to do everything! Right now we discuss our gig and are happy that we will enter the nightliner later this week. This will be a whole different story! However we enjoyed the performance just as always -- we really love our fans, our music,... So hope to see you on the DELAIN tour!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday 27th of April - Day Off In Bielefeld (GER)

After a hard car drive throughout the night, today we have the possibility to rest a little bit in Bielefeld, at Lisa’s place, and (gladfully) make some laundry :D
The weather is not the best one to let us do some sightseeing and so we decide to stay inside, sort out our clothes and check emails, internet work and various stuff.
In the afternoon we decide to take a look at the Underground Shop, sort of alternative & gothic clothing shop downtown, where we can buy some interesting stuff for the upcoming tour! Especially Georg and Tom had to buy new shoes as their old ones were a “bit” smelly ;-) This makes life easier for the rest of the band!
We end our relaxing day at the pub where Lisa is working, and we have a beautiful dinner and party - the tour starts ;)

Thursday 28th of April - Leaving For The Tour!

We wake up and finally the sun is shining again! That would let us pack our stuff outside Lisa’s place smoothly than during a German spring storm :D
The tourbus will pick us up around 14.30 and we have to be ready with all our equipment outside a supermarket parking place. That makes it easier for the bus driver.
For SERENITY it’s really exciting hitting the road once again! The plan is to load all our stuff into the bus bay and trailer, then go straight away to The Netherlands to pick up DELAIN!
At 7 o’clock we enter the parking space nearby DELAIN’s rehearsal room and meet the band and the crew.
All nice and beautiful people! Sensation is that it’s gonna be a great tour all together.
After some technical issues during the loading of all the equipment (a lot!!) we take a pic of the whole crew together, and we can finally join the bus! The tour has officially started!
Next stop : Manchester, UK! During the passport check in Calais we encounter, that not everybody is happy about the royal wedding as an officer stated: "Fuck up this bloody wedding"

Friday 29th of April 2011 - Academy3 - Manchester, UK

We reached Manchester earlier than excpected as we got onto an earlier ferry, and the weather is really good once again! A bit windy maybe, but that’s the UK :D
When we stop the bus aside the Academy3, some fans are already waiting for us! That’s so crazy :P
It’s gonna be challenging tonight : the stage is definitely really small!
We finally meet the support band for the whole tour, LOST IN THOUGHT. Very nice guys and such talented musicians! We’ll all share the dressing room and have some nice time together!
First tour day is always a bit messy, and there’s no time for us to soundcheck or linecheck before the show, that’s rock‘n’roll;)
During LOST IN THOUGHT show, we’re all excited and we can’t wait to enter the stage. We can hear that the crowd is going crazy and that makes it way easier for us all!
Now it’s time to load all our stuff and prepare the show.
People are incredible! 450 (sold-out show) They sing along all songs and they would definitely want more! (as you can hear them screaming :D)
But unfortunately our set is over soon and we have to leave the stage to DELAIN.
We’re all happy about our  first gig and that’s definitely a good start for the tour!
After loading all our equipment back to the trailer and bus bay we can finally meet all our fans at the merch table, talk and take some pics with them. The response is absolutely stunning!
Then we can finally party the success in our tourbus, and leave Manchester with a big smile on our faces! London calling XD

Saturday 30th of April 2011 - 02 Islington Academy - London, UK

Once again we arrive quite early, and what a beautiful day! We have some time to do some shopping and have a cup of tea in a bar close to the venue.
Also here, some crazy fan are already waiting for us outside! We sign some booklets and take some pics, although we do not look so great in the morning :D
Charlotte, Lisa and Nicole (our merch girl for the tour) decide to have some girlie shopping (of course!!) and me (Fabio) Tom and Georg take a look to the CD & media store, while the others are still sleeping in the bus.
Around 14.30 we can finally start loading all our stuff inside the 02 Academy and take a first look to have an idea how it looks like.
The stage is definitely bigger than yesterday and that should let us have a better performance.
During DELAIN’s soundcheck we all check our emails, guest-list and several stuff, thanks to the Wi-fi connection on the basement.
The UK have some weird rules concering fire exits, backstage areas and we still need to get used to that. Looks a bit messy!
Great news : Rich from Threshold will come to see us, togheter with his wife. During soundcheck our A&R manager from Napalm Records entered the venue – we were quite surprised to meet him here...
It’s time for LOST IN THOUGHT to enter the stage, even if it’s quite early (around 19.00), but today the curfew is stricht to 22.00.
We start preparing our show : crazy equipment all around and luckily some nice guys from the venue’s crew help us a lot (before and after the show). The crowd is impressive : nearly 800 people and we enter the stage to perform our setlist. The show goes on smoothly and response is once again incredible! But again, too soon we need to leave the stage for DELAIN.
Take some rest on our dressing room and we suddenly start packing all our equipment downstairs.
After DELAIN’s show we can meet all our fans, even if the security staff doesn’t let them even take a look to our merchandise! That’s crazy! But rules need to be respected, somehow...
After the usual loading onto the trailer and bus bay we can finally party! Today is Joyce’s birthday (DELAIN light technician) and we decide to prepare a lil surprise for her. We have a birthday cake and some delicious donuts – and of course – Andi and Georg perform their Austrian traditional jodling song (The “Kuatuttn-Jodla” – sang by farmers while milking their cows – Otto from DELAIN was an awesome cow ;-)), so that we can all laugh of :P
Next stop : Glasgow!

Sunday 1st of May 2011 - Cathouse Club - Glasgow, UK

We've already been here with KAMELOT in 2009 and we don't have very good experience with this club as it is in the middle of the town, the venue on the 2nd floor without lift, only 1 backstage room for the main act, very small stage, -10 degrees and cloth changing on a fire ladder outside of the club,... And we had to cancel the rest of the tour because Georg got ill. So we are happy to find a new backstage room only for SERENITY and Lost in Thought -- very small, but hey: At least it is a backstage room... We have to start our show without soundcheck and gained lots of technical troubles. Nobody at the monitoring desk, signals missing, no cables and mices left in the venue,... somehow we managed to do the job and people seemed to be satisfied. God thanks... After the gig we again chat with fans, sign albums,... And we had to carry our stuff to the tourbus across the above named fire exit!!!!!!

Monday 2nd of May 2011 - The Assembly - Leamington, UK

We enter the venue quite early and it is indeed a very cool place. Looks like an old church - a bit cheesy, but cool. Big stage (finally),... The speciality for today: Charlotte Wessels finally sings "Serenade Of Flames" with us and we have a real soundcheck for the first time. So the "rehearsal" with Charlie is awesome and we look forward to the gig. Somehow Lost In Thought's guitar amp was broken and so their guitarist uses Tom's Diezel Herbert for today and is stunned by the sound on the PA -- "fucking warpig"!!!
During the daytime most members of DELAIN & SERENITY do some washing internet work and so on in the huge backstage lounge.

Tuesday 3rd of May 2011 - Travel Day To Strassbourg (FRA)

This day basically had nothing of real interest as the bus trip took till 9pm. So most of the time everybody was sleeping, working on laptops, chatting,... Finally at the venue we decided to find a restaurant for dinner. So DELAIN, the crew and SERENITY had a "not so cheap" steak. Then some of us had a party in a Karaoke bar whearas Georg, Fabio, Mario and Tom returned to the bus for some sleep and work.

Wednesday 4th of May 2011 - La Laiterie - Strassbourg (FRA)

Entering the venue finally we had a great catering. The PA is not that great with lots of top end but missing bottom end. Harsh sound overall for all of us... The gig then was awesome with a very enthusiastic crowd, a huge stage, etc. We also signed a lot of flyers, albums, made lots of photos with fans,... Cool! After a highly appreciated shower we leave for the bus.

Thursday 5th of May 2011 - Marche Gare - Lyon (FRA)

After loading our stuff to the venue and bringing some money to a bank (be sure that we spend all money left into the band again) we rest in the backstage area. We also received new merch from the german company ARTWORX -- they managed to print new shirts and deliver them within only 1 day!!!!!! We are really happy about that!!!! So for the moment we are discussing lots of things, working on our computers, doing SERENITY business, etc.

Friday 6th of May 2011 - Salamandra 1 - Barcelona (ESP)

Finally visit Spain again - especially Fabio enjoys his first time in this counry. We’re gonna play close to Barcelona, Hospitalet for being precise, in a place called Salamandra1.
There’s a very good weather when we wake up, 22 °C and a bit windy. We decide to take a small tour around the hood and have a lunch together before load-in and soundcheck. The venue looks cool, even if the space for 3 bands on stage is always limited. Pre-sales are OK, but the Spanish crowd knows how to warm us up, and the gig flies out just perfectly! Meet & greet with fans after Delain’s set is just amazing, and let’s say, funny ;) The weather after the gig is turning into bad, and we don’t expect a sunny day in Madrid tomorrow. Muchas gracias Barcelona!!

Saturday 7th of May 2011 - Sala Caracol - Madrid (ESP)

During our journey to Madrid (about 600 km) we have to stop in the middle of our path due to a tourbus technical problem. Seems that the engine can’t get air and something is wrong with the compressor. Gladfully we’re able to fix it in about 1 hour, thanks to 2 good mechanics (and Fabios horrible Spanish/Italian) that lets us understanding each others. In the end we got to know that a pipe was blown up and the breaks were effected. Luckily nothing special happened to all of us!! We obviously arrive Madrid really late and it’s even a bit cold outside. There’s no backstage or dressing room so the venue looks like a big container full of equipment, personal stuff and so on. Pre-sales look a bit better than previous day in Barcelona but never the less we get on stage and perform an awesome show! Reaction at the merch table is still great and we have the feeling we are (slowly but progressively) increasing our fanbase...tomorrow is gonna be challenging!!

Sunday 8th of May 2011 - Poste a Galene - Marseille (FRA)

Today it looks like the most difficult day of the whole tour, for everybody : there’s a huge distance to drive (about 1200 km!), smallest stage ever and really really tiny venue, without backstage and dressing room for us.
Unfortunately Lost in Thought have been canceledl the show and due to the size of the stage, we’re gonna use few equipment, sharing with Delain’s one.
We also arrive really really late (we even had to MOVE SOME CARS ON THE ROAD, so that the tourbus can pass by --- we've never seen or done something -- definitely not possible in Austria!!!!!). We have to set-up all our stuff and help Delain to be faster than ever and make the show possible (for us, at least). We finish our line-check (or kind of...) when the people are already inside the room. We are also forced to cut our set-list, and we play only 30 mins, with disappointment of the crowd but being at least happy that we did it.
And it seems those who came liked it!! We have a hotel room just for shower and we go downtown (in 2 rounds) to refresh a bit. The driver was driving like crazy -- fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen... Afterwards we enjoy some lasagne that the staff cooked for us and we all go to sleep. Next stop : casaaaaa! Milano!! (yes Fabio wrote this!!!)

Monday 9th of May 2011 - Alcatraz - Milano (ITA)

Ah, yes! Today I (Fabio) am at home and we’re gonna also have a day off here! Couldn’t have been better than playing in fantastic Alcatraz, the place where every Italian musician (but I’d say, not only) would like to play! The venue is just big, and amazing, the backstage and dressing rooms have room enough for the 3 bands and that makes it easier for everyone. Plus, if you add enjoyable Italian catering, what would I ask for more?
Our Italian fans from Serenity Italia official FB page are here and wait for us at the entrance, early in the afternoon. There’s nothing better than being welcome by fans before a show. It gives a special charge and can definitely make your day!
After Delain’s soundcheck we set up all our stuff, together with our buddies Lost in Thought, and soon we start to line-check and (finally) also sound check!
Pre-sales are not the best ones of course, it’s a Monday, and Italians really hate this day! But I guess also all others...
By the way, the day seems to run really smoothly and the show is scheduled earlier than other shows we had so far, due to the fact of being in the middle of the city, so curfew is 10.30 pm.
It’s time to get on stage and adrenaline flies high on me. Even if it’s not sold-out the Italian crowd really impresses us and it comes out a great show, with lots of funny moments with people and singing along the songs!
After the show an interiview with my long time friend Romano Depolo is scheduled and I can finally enjoy my dinner. This was definitely one of the best nights of the tour so far for me, and maybe, also for the other guys! We’ll be back soon!
The day after we can finally rest a bit. We’re really busy anyway, cause we have to wash lots of clothes and starting counting our merchandise, to be able to have a full picture of the actual situation. The day flies on fast and we can have some sightseeing and good food only late in the afternoon. We get to visit Milan’s centre and Duomo : impressive! (For those who never visited) and feels like a summer day! We can all have an Italian pizza for dinner and enjoy the rest of the night with some ice-cream and few drinks before getting back to the back and sleep. Tomorrow Switzerland!!
EDIT - the band: luckily Fabio was happy - even though he does not understand our behaviour. We also don't get his one a lot often ;-)) And there are more beautiful places (like Austria!!!!! ;-))

Wednesday, 11th of May 2011 - LUZERN (SWITZERLAND)

We woke up in the middle of the lakes surrounding Luzern and what an incredible landscape! Feels like home in Tyrol... We arrive and suddenly the crew seems to be really nice and helpful, the catering area and the food are just amazing! Everything is clean and calm (of course) and most of us take a small tour into the city, unfortunately really short – we have to be back for the soundcheck. Not many pre-sales for today (it’s a working day) but we’re sure we will rock the stage anyway! The sound was really great on the monitors and despite a very difficult crowd (sorry!) we did a great show and we enjoyed the time with fans after the gig at the merch area. We had definitely the best backstage so far : kind of place you can find at the seaside, sitting outside, with sand and torches, absolutely amazing! We stay till late in the morning...

Thursday, 12th of May 2011 - STUTTGART (GERMANY)

The club looks nice, sort of bunker from the 2nd World War – but big and nice dressing room upstairs. Alex (guitarist of Midnattsol) reaches us in the late afternoon and we talk about nice memories we had touring together (and with Leave’s Eyes) some weeks ago. Chris and Birgit  (drummer & bassist from Midnattsol) will also reach us later on. So nice to meet them again! The show goes really smoothly we didn’t even imagine! The crowd is superb! We didn’t expect such reaction from the German fans! Amazing! At midnight will also be Charlotte’s birthday and we prepared an aftershow party for her downtown, in a beautiful place. The trip over there was a bit tricky as most passengers told us the wrong way... However -- Very nice evening indeed! Next stop : Aschaffenburg

Friday, 13th of May 2011 - ASCHAFFENBURG (GERMANY)

We have already been here before, during the tour with Threshold and S.U.E. The Colos Saal is a cool venue. When we wake up we have to immediately do the load-in, since the bus can’t stay stuck in front of the venue, cause it is located in the very center of the town. The weather is still also kind with us and after loading all inside, we have the time to have an ice-cream and walk through the beautiful park, right beside the venue.
Again, amazing catering and such helpful people of the local crew. And, last but not least, the show is yet great! People are so warm over here and still unexpected! Nice hearing some positive reactions after the show – being here before definitely worked out!! Tomorrow, closest place to home : Munich!!

Saturday, 14th of May 2011 - MUNICH (GERMANY)

Once we woke up the location suddenly looks a bit weird : there was a rap/hip-hop meeting out there, and first thing we thought was : are we in the right place?! Never the less, after a couple of hours we’re able to enter the place. Once again we've been here before, together with Threshold and we hope to have some old fans coming again. Catering area is upstairs and there’s enough place for everybody to relax and spend some time checking internet and stuff, before soundchecking. Unfortunately the weather (for the very first time!) is not good : it starts raining and we’re forced to do the load in (and then, the load out) under a flood (not good for merch cardboard boxes!). When we enter the stage we have quite the feeling of being the headlining act tonight : the crowd is really crazy! The show is just incredible and we had the time to play one more song (When Canvas Starts to Burn) and people go crazy again!
Thnx everyone, really! One of the best gigs we had so far...and awesome spending some time with our fans after the show, that’s always the thing we mostly look forward!

Sunday, 15th of May 2011 - BUDAPEST (HUNGARY)

We've been to Hungary twice before. Still - when we enter the venue we have to admit we didn’t expect such great catering, comfy (and big) dressing room/backstage, nice room/stage and still, great local crew. It’s so great to meet so many kind and great people all around the world while touring! We have some typical meal for lunch (made of  scrubbled eggs and onions) and a spicy soup – superb! We will enter the stage soon, and still we can’t believe such a beautiful place we are having some relaxing time – that’s why we (and Delain) decide to leave a message to local crew, thanking them for the luxury they prepared for us. Incredible!
The stage is really cool and people amazing - Budapest = cool!! The perfect thing is : tomorrow day off here!! Yeah!! So we have once again the possibility to visit the city.
The following morning we divide in 2 groups : some of us will go to spa/therms having some relax, and the others will have an afternoon downtown, with our sweet local guide (and fan) Timea. We have such amazing time together, first lunching with typical dishes and visiting some parts of the city. Also some shopping was needed – great stuff indeed! (Fabio bought a pare of new shoes for the stage, finally...) – Too soon is time to say goodbye to our friend and beautiful Hungary. See ya really soon, on June 3rd @ Metalfest!

Tuesday, 17th of May 2011 - WARSAW (POLAND)

It’s really sad today : we won’t have our buddies Lost in Thought for the rest of the tour, due to a van accident they faced, on their way to Slovakia...please, support them and send them best wishes... Chris has a double broken leg and has to stay in Hospital in Bratislava for about a week. That's really sad... That also shows us what could have happened during our former tours we did on our own with vans and mobile homes...
The tourbook says that’s the biggest room/capacity of the whole tour – but we didn’t expect that big! Everything is just perfect here at Stodola, stage, sound, delicious catering and, what a big backstage area!! Pure luxury! That’s what we can really call a perfect venue ;)
Can’t wait to play the concert and enter such a big stage. The band has been to Poland only once, so obviously we can’t expect that much from the fans. But anyway, everything seems to fly smoothly and we had again an extremely positive reaction!
Thnx Poland!!

Last part of the blog starts just here!!!

Wednesday, 18th od May 2011 - BERLIN (GERMANY)

After the beautiful experience in Poland we’re back to Germany. Berlin is definitely a big city! The sun is shining high today and we take some time to walk across the streets, before soundchecking. Once again we find impossible being in the European Community and not being able to transfer our merch money onto our bank account in Austria :) The venue doesn’t look bad at all, even if the backstage is located in another building, at the 4th floor :P Let’s be sure not to forget anything :D
Catering is delicious!! Let’s say we’ve been really lucky during this tour!
There’s not a big help by the “local” crew tonight, we have the feeling that we’ve got to work our asses off even more ;) But let’s make it anyway!
The crowd sounds really Northern German :) But we played a good gig and people loved it! After meet & greet with fans and packed our stuff, guess what we did?! Kebab!! :D

Thursday, 19th of May 2011 - HAMBURG (GERMANY)

We’ve been told today conditions won’t be the best for us supporting bands. Doesn’t matter! Once awake we realized we don’t have any dressing room or backstage so once again, the bus will be our area ;) Soundchecks can’t start before 17.00 today so, there’s plenty of time to visit the huge music store building in front of the venue! Yay :)
Today support act for the show is My Inner Burning : a modern-melodic female fronted metal band, and we immediately realize they’re great musicians and great people as well! They will play with us tonight and tomorrow as well. Highly recommended!
We’ve got a table reserved for dinner in a lovely place in front of our tourbus. Yummy! And very nice locals! The stage doesn’t look that good tonight – there is no space for movements and coreo, so we will be really limited. We can’t even go off stage after the intro starts and we have to start playing immediately. Not very lucky with electricity as well! As second time on this tour, we have a lack of power just before starting “Far from home” and so we’re kinda forced to go for “Fairytales” :) We don’t have much time left encores tonight so we end our gig with a lot of applause (but where were those people after Delain’s show?? :P). Let’s forget bad happenings with a huge burger at the Reperbahn/Kietz :P

Friday, 20th od May 2011 - COLOGNE (GERMANY)

Cologne! Most of European musicians know this beautiful city for the mighty Music Store, biggest store in Europe (eheh-sad but true!). Guess what plans we have for today?? Trying to visit the store of course, what else! Yes, trying...because our oddyssey starts with losing the first train for the centre of the city, and we have to check for the next one. We finally get downtown, and what a great cathedral. It’s huge and impressive! But unfortunately there’s no time to stop : we want to get to the store before it’s too late (and actually already is late!). The scenario gets unbelievable : a writing on the store’s windows says a new (and bigger) building was just built up in another area of the city and most part of the equipment was already moved there! BUT – looks like there’s a shuttle that goes there, every 30 mins...10...15...20...30...45...the bus doesn’t arrive! :( With big disappointment we are forced to go back to the venue for soundcheck, without memories! What a pity!
We then get back to the venue : it’s gonna be sold out tonight! But the stage doesn’t look better than yesterday tho... technical issues again (Tom's amp break down during soundcheck) but we can make it anyway! A lot of fans tonight are outside way before the show and the entrance of the venue looks like a party place, full of seats and tables outside! Feels like summer! Show goes smoothly and many fans wait for us at the merch stand! Sadly tomorrow last stop : Paris, France

Saturday, 21 of May 2011 - PARIS (FRANCE)

Tonight is the last gig, where everything ends for this tour. General feeling is enthusiastic, from one side, there’s is the willing to play a stunning last performance, but really sad from the other side, since we’re gonna be back home and miss a lot of beautiful friends and fans.
Alhambra looks like an awesome place : big venue with a first ring place with sits at the fiirst floor. Looks perfect as last venue! We wanted to visit a bit of the city, but unfortunately, there is absolutely no time for it, lot of things to do today.
Our opening act for tonight is Whyzdom, from France, great musicians and friends! Catering downstairs is awesome again, and we have the feeling this night will be one to remember...
Usually last night on stage bands fool each other but this time we are convinced (who knows why) that Delain going to shoot some important clips tonight and probably is not really a good idea! But we will regret that...ehehe...cause the guys (and girls) from Delain are instead preparing a cool joke for us! Check it out somewhere on YouTube, if you were not at the show ;)
Can’t wait to go on stage! So many fans tonight! We know also some people that flew directly from the States to see us, that’s absolutely incredible...we have to deliver an ultimate show!
And I think somehow we did it...!! What great time on stage and can’t believe it’s over!
After Delain’s (and Georg’s performance once again with them) we all go on stage, as well as Simon & Greg (+ Johnathan and Adam) from Lost in Thought who visited us, to say goodbye to this beautiful crowd in front of us and invite hard-core fans to our afterparty downtown.
After packing our stuff onto the bus again (for the last time moving those f*****g suitcases!) we can’t wait to reach the pub for the afterparty and have fun all together, until we are sane :P Goodbye Paris, and goodbye tour – now the journey back home starts – around 12.00 we should reach The Netherlands...


Sadly, for the first time after one month, we’re not driving to a place where we have to play. This time the routine we were used to is different. We’re going back to Holland and bring back Delain crew and all the equipment, and even if it’s hard, saying goodbye. It was a great time all together, and we will miss you!! We have to leave soon to Germany (which comes a bit unexpected - we thought we would make another stop over night somewhere in NL), so that we can load out all our equipment from the tourbus and rent a van that will let us reaching Austria. Arrived in Bielefeld we also have to say goodbye to Lisa that did a great job for us during the last month!! We pack everything inside this van (as you will see, another Tetris level!) and before driving all the way to Tyrol (approx. 7-9 hours) we decide to have a good dinner at a Japanese restaurant. After this deserved meal we have to hurry up and drive to Austria. We arrive early in the morning about 4 a.m., load out, go back to Germany to deliver the van, back to Wörgl and we have the last breakfast all together before everybody is leaving to his place (Georg and Andi head to Innsbruck by train, Mario back home, Fabio takes a rest at Mario's place and leaves for Italy later, Tom takes a rest in the rehearsal room before he is being picked up by his family).
We want to thank EVERYONE of you that took part of this incredible journey. Delain, Lost in Thought, My Inner Burning, and Whyzdom, and all people that visited our show!


What we learned so far... UPDATED!

  • Turkish people are our best friends as they run their Döner Kebab grills all through the night...
  • You can never get enough water on tour
  • But there's always enough beer ;-)
  • After 2 weeks the bus becomes a living thing (smelly, muddy,....)
  • Nightliner toilets after 2 days are AMAZING.... and... disgusting
  • Sitting on the nightliner-toilet lets you keep your breath as long as apnoe divers -- at least 4 minutes!!!!
  • Dutch is similar to Tyrolean dialect
  • Nöken = fucking -- don't know if that's written that way
  • Andi is not dead --- cite: "Take me out for a walk, I am getting better"
  • Wales is not England
  • Monty Python is just as crazy as Austrian cinema ("Muttertag", "Hinterholz 8", "Poppitz")
  • Soundchecks are becoming shorter from day to day...
  • Mario falls asleep at a certain time - no matter what he is doing.
  • He is also the first one up - eating, talking, moving,...
  • Fabio is Italian! +1 +1
  • Naked men will never be beautiful!!!
  • Lisa even speaks while sleeping ;-)
  • Welcome to the European Union --> "No sorry, we cannot transfer your money to Austria!!!!"
  • Austria is not Australia!!! No Kangaroos...
  • The "Hoos Mich" is everywhere!
  • Once more... Turkish people are our buddies...
  • Some special sites work everywhere ;-)
  • We need to buy Yoda or Darth Vader voice for our TomTom!!! mrrhhhh....
  • Tyrol is beautyful!!!
  • We are masters of Tetris level 9 (loading our vans!!!)

Go back


Comment by Boniface | 20.02.2012

_, I am always thought about this, appreciate it for putting up.

Comment by marsmars1993 (stavroula) | 22.11.2011

hahaha this photo with georg fabio and thomas on the row with pc on hands is sooooooo funny! it reminded me of me and my two sisters when we surf on the net at the same time all in the same room..haha xD

Comment by your lifeinsurence ;-) | 03.06.2011

hallo meine lieben serenitäter...;-)

ic moechte euch auf diesem wege noch sagen... es war mir eine riesen freude mit euch auf tour gewesen zu sein..

gerne wieder...


bitte als headliner...

Comment by Jonathan Watkins | 02.06.2011

Was a honour meeting you all!! Had such a great time on tour, see you all again in the future!!!!

Comment by Markus | 24.05.2011

Hallo Serenity!
Freu mir jedes Mal einen Haxn aus, wenn ich solche Reviews über Eure Konzerte lese.
Schließe mich also der Euphorie an - die 2 Wiener Konzerte bisher waren ebenso genial! Weiter so ... Der Trendbarometer zeigt steil nach oben!

Comment by Hugues TIMMERMANS | 23.05.2011

Hi Guys,
We have seen you at 3 gigs of this tour and enjoyed every minute of it!
You are incredibly talented and also wonderful persons. Meeting you was great. Hope you liked the Belgian beers and chocolates. Pics from the last two gigs will follow shortly on FB! Hope to see you again VERY soon. We'll try to catch up with you on your next shows...
Greets from Brussels
Hugues & Anne

Comment by Mare | 23.05.2011

You guys ROCKED the Alhambra in Paris!!!! OH my GOD you were great!!! I came from the US to see you and it was worth every frickin cent I paid to do that!!! Gotta get you to the US!!!! :) You were mind-blowing!!!

Comment by Peter | 21.05.2011

Hallo Jungs,
trotz der widrigen Umstände im Ungerground habt Ihr (wie immer) eine super Show abgeliefert. Das war jetzt Euer 4 Konzert in diesem Jahr, das ich mir angesehen habe und der Ausblick auf eine Headliner-Tour im Herbst lässt mich hoffen, noch ein paar ranhängen zu können.

Lasst mal was von Euch hören, wenn die Tour vorbei ist und haltet Eueren Fanclub auf dem Laufenden ;-)

Comment by Jonny | 21.05.2011

just wanted to say you guys rock, looking forward to when you come to the USA

Comment by Michael H. | 20.05.2011

Hi Leute,
Euer Konzert im K 17 in Berlin (18. Mai) war absolut überzeugend! Macht weiter so!

Comment by Beatrice | 18.05.2011

I'm proud of this concert. Warsaw is waiting for more, guys. You're amazing! Support was not enough. More and more, and more, and more... I hope you come back to Warsaw in soon and give us so much energy like before Delain. Thank you very much :)
It was nice to talk to you on the 'afterparty'. Fabio remind me to send you photos on facebook. I will ;)
Kisses ;)

Comment by Robert | 18.05.2011

Just returned from your show in Warsaw. Amazing, much better than last time I saw you as support for Threshold in the Netherlands.
You were the reason to come tonight. You let the place rock. Too bad that there were so little people, but the show and sound were great. Maybe even better than Delain.
Hope to see you soon in Poland or The Netherlands

Comment by Charly B. | 16.05.2011

Wow, was für ein Sound,
nach dem Konzert in der Röhre habe ich mir die CD sofort zugelegt....

bin absolut begeistert, im Nachhinein kann ich sagen...Ihr habt DElAIN fast die Show gestohlen....

kannte Serenity bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt ...leider nicht....werde beim nächsten Event sicher dabei sein...weiter so, Ihr seid echt eine Bereicherung

Comment by András | 16.05.2011


Thank you very much for the amazing show yesterday in Hungary. First time to see Serenity live and it lived up to my huge (based on the cd's) expectation, pure quality, great atmosphere. My only complain is that the 40-minute set was painfully short. Next time you come back (hopefully very soon), you must be headliners!!!

Keep up the great music!

Take care.

Comment by bea | 16.05.2011

Hi Serenity!!

Thanxx so much for your show yesterday!! You really made me happy. I wish you the best for your upcoming shows. Thanx a lot for the wonderful photos I could take. I wish it would be as in "groundhog day"!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again! :-)

For the rest of your tour I wish you all the good luck possible, stay healthy, have fun and hopefully no technical problems!

thanxx also for the pictures I could take *big smile*

Looking forward to see you again.

Comment by Ralph | 15.05.2011

Hallo zusammen,

wie nach Eurem "Epica-Support" angekündigt, durfte ich auch Eure Show in Suttgart und Aschaffenburg genießen. Kann mich nur einem meiner Vorschreiber anschließen und wiederholen, was mir nach Epica bereits klar war: Ihr macht es, wie seinerzeit AC DC, die ihren Headlinern die Show stahlen. Auch meinen Rat, die Charlotte "Serenade of Flames" mitsingen zu lassen, habt Ihr zumindest in Aschaffenburg umgesetzt. In Stuttgart hat sie sich wohl verlaufen gehabt und ist zu spät zur Show gekommen, so dass es dazu nicht mehr gereicht hat.
Auch noch ein Wort zum Sound von Delain. Mein Vorschreiber hätte mal in Stuttgart dabei sein sollen, das war um Klassen schlechter als im Colos Saal! Ähnlich schlecht, wie im Übrigen vorletztes Jahr, als Delain Sonata Arctica supportete.
Großes Kompliment an Euch und der Gewissheit, Euch nächstes Mal als würdigen Headliner in voller Länge erleben zu dürfen.

Comment by schirazar | 15.05.2011

Gig in AB ColosSaal am 13.05.11:
Super Auftritt. Habe Euch zum 2. Mal im ColosSaal gesehen und Ihr habt es erneut geschafft, einen nahezu PERFEKTEN SOUND in die Halle zu projezieren und man brauchte (endlich) mal keine Ohrenstöpsel in dieser Halle. Die Songauswahl war zudem Spitze. Ich hoffe dass Ihr das nächste mal als Headliner zu sehen seid.
1 Wort noch zu DELAIN:
Mag deren Musik auch sehr. ABER, die haben es mit der Lautstärke extrem übertrieben und kamen viel zu BASS-lastig rüber. Um einen Gehörschaden zu vermeiden, habe ich die Halle schon nach 45 Minuten verlassen - so macht Heavy Metal keinen Spass. Schade dass es immer mehr TAUBE und GEHÖRAMPUTIERTE Mischer gibt. DELAIN hatte leider einen solchen engagiert.

Comment by Christian Homma | 15.05.2011

Hi guys, just visited your great show in Munich! Really, really cool, definitely not just Delain + "support" but two equally great bands in one show! Next time you are the headliners, promise?

Comment by Paul | 07.05.2011

Hi guys

Great show in Leamington. Please come back soon!

Comment by Frédéric Klee | 07.05.2011

Hi !

Great show in Lyon, see you soon in Luzern !

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