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09.10.2012 18:58 by SERENITY (10 comments)

SERENITY wants to inform you that we had to cancel all shows for Nov/Dec 2012 in the Netherlands as support to the dutch band DELAIN.

Please believe us that this was a really hard decision for all of us as there is no worse case scenario than cancelling a show.

But to keep close to our tight time schedule for the upcoming album there - disappointingly - was no other way as release dates are already fixed. More on that very soon...

In conjunction with the release of the next album we will tour all over Europe again. PROMISED... Also therefor a lot of dates are already fixed and we will release all info as soon as ALL DATES are fixed.

We know that a lot of people have been looking forward to our shows with DELAIN. We will do everything to give you a new chance to see us. So please keep close to our website and our facebook channel as we announce tourdates for 2013 in the coming months...


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Comment by dragothica | 10.12.2012

Come to Finland on your next tour please! I'd so much like to see Serenity as live... Or release a live DVD instead?

Comment by Terje | 14.11.2012

Please come over to Norway while touring in Europe! Wouldn't doubt such a awesome band to fill up Oslo Spektrum! Please take the trip, we love symphonic metal! =)

Comment by Dale | 14.11.2012

When I came to Austria I hope I can see you a wonderful performance,Your Chinese fans

Comment by Georg | 31.10.2012

Our dear friends and fans! We are really sorry - it was a fucking hard decision!! Believe us!!! BUT - we'll be back in the NL in March!! AS A HEADLINER!!

Sorry - one more time - but it will be worth it - the new album will be a blast!:)


Comment by Ingrid | 17.10.2012

Well, I'M very, very, very disapointed that you made the decision to cancel the shows wich supported Delain.
You were the reason wherefor I bought the tickets. I think, 6 months ago.
I'm not interested in Delain.
Finish your cd, let it be worth.

Comment by Manon vd Steen | 15.10.2012

Noooo :( I just has got some tickets for your show in P3 Purmerend. And I'm NOT going for Delain, no.. it was for you guys. Cause I had to miss you in June. Soooo pity. I really want to see you guys. But well.. Hope you guys are making a great new album. And HOPEFULLY see you soon. :(

Comment by Serg | 11.10.2012

cooool :D

Comment by Alex | 11.10.2012

It's a damn shame. This time i wouldn't even have to travel as you were playing my hometown. But i know you guys well enough to make it up to us.

Comment by Scott | 10.10.2012

Wow this is bittersweet news. But I look to the future and your new album. Great things are happening my dear friends. :)

Comment by Jolanda | 10.10.2012 I am sad...really sad. We only bought tickets for Doornroosje for the support act. Not for Delain. :""(

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