PP USA... Overwhelming Response!!!

18.09.2012 20:01 by SERENITY (9 comments)

ProgPower USA was just amazing and therefore SERENITY says THANX to all of you!

ProgPower USA was just an amazing time for SERENITY and a huge step forward into a new era!

Glenn Harveston - manager and founder of ProgPower USA - helped to bring SERENITY to new shores. Also with the help of fan submissions the band was able to not only reach out to a new audience, but turned Center Stage into a melting pot.

A venue full of high expectations, questions about the performance, the setlist,... But it seems SERENITY caught everybody attending PP USA 2012 by storm.

Reactions during and after the gig have been phenomenal. Standing ovations, neverending applause and fascination among the crowd as one of a few bands, including Nightwish or Symphony X, put smiles upon each bandmember.

But that wasn't all...

People from all over the US got in touch with Georg (lead vocals), Clementine (guest singer), Thomas (guitars), Mario (keys, vox), Fabio (bass, vox) and Andi (drums, vox) during their attendance of other bands performances.

This was topped by a huge line during the 30min (actually planned) signing session which took the band more than an hour to work off. Without even taking photos!!!

Still, there's more...

Days after SERENITY's slot at the festival the internet, especially facebook is going crazy. All topped by an online poll for "best band of PP 2012" on the offical ProgPower forums. Of course this can change - but today/right now SERENITY is leading in front of bands such as EPICA, SYMPHONY X, AMARANTHE, PRETTY MAIDS,... See for yourself:



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Comment by Dömsen | 18.10.2012

YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! And Clemi of course too!!!
One of the best shows at PPUSA 2012 :-)

Comment by justin | 05.10.2012

I hope this means you guys will be touring in the USA more. You guys are one of my all time favorite bands and are the only one I haven't had the opportunity to see perform! I hope this experience has helped connect you to your American fans and I look forward to seeing all of you bring down the house in the states. Rock on!

Comment by John Nott | 03.10.2012

Unbelievable show. I was blown away by your sound live. One of the few bands out there that sounds just as good, if not better live than on the CDs. I think a lot of people I talked to were not expecting you guys to be so good! Now when I talk about you guys, people will know who I am talking about :)

Comment by Dave H | 23.09.2012

I'm so sad that I missed you guys at PP, its just too far for me to travel. I can't wait until the next time you come to USA, hopefully it will be closer to philly so I can finally watch you guys perform live. Keep up the great work, can't wait to hear the next album.

Comment by Ivan | 22.09.2012

It was so great to meet you guys and to see you rock the house. It isn't often that a band brings such energy to the stage, but you guys did a fantastic job! Everyone I've talked to agrees, and everyone is looking forward to seeing you guys again!

We are very excited that we got to share that experience with you in some small way. You guys are totally awesome, and your success is well deserved! Here's to more success in the future!

Comment by Emil | 22.09.2012

You guys deserve every bit of praise you've received. I really hope this a full blown North American tour!

Comment by Samaria | 20.09.2012

I wasn't aware of you guys until I saw you guys preform at ProgPower. Definitely took me by surprise! Beautiful lead vocals and an amazing sound! Great surprise! :)

Comment by Beth | 19.09.2012

You guys were the highlight of the weekend. I had gone to ProgPower USA this year just to see you, and you put on a truly great show (and were so nice as well!) I hope you will come back here soon (New Jersey/New York City area, please!)

Comment by stavroula | 18.09.2012

Yessss..I am so proud of you guys, I always believed you'll once start receiving all the recognition you deserve.
stay healthy, stay grounded, stay creative \m/

Σας λατρεύω..Ich liebe dich! ;)

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