New singer Clementine Delauney!

21.01.2013 18:30 by SERENITY (13 comments)

“War Of Ages”, upcoming record of SERENITY to be released March 22nd, will introduce a major change in the band’s music and line-up.

Since their second album, SERENITY did add female voices to its songs, had different guests to perform them live and among them was Clementine Delauney.

Going on tour together, the band realized her voice, personality and stage performance was bringing something special to the band’s universe and thought she should be present on the new record.

The idea evolved with time… why not having a permanent female voice in the band? And it seems they had found the perfect one both on professional and personal levels. So it came up somehow naturally that Clementine should not be considered “guest” anymore…

Please welcome Clémentine Delauney as officially a full member of SERENITY!

Thus “War Of Ages” welcomes Clementine’s voice on lead, backing and choir parts, completing the music with a constant feminine presence.

The band has the will to make its music richer on the vocal side; this is a start of a new approach! SERENITY will explore and use the unlimited musical possibilities of those two outstanding voices, to start with, and “War Of Ages” is the perfect transition record between what SERENITY was and what it will become in the coming years!
We hope you share our excitement!

More to come very soon!


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Comment by Chris | 28.01.2015

Wow, pretty lady, pretty voice and a fantastic record! I really love listening to it! Good job guys and lady! Thanks for this awesome kind of music.

Comment by John Latsch | 29.11.2013

Fantastic vocals. A real pleasure to listen to. Complements the bands great music and vocals. Will you be doing a concert tour in the U.S. ?

Comment by Johan | 15.04.2013

You are amazing, i realy hope that you will come to gothenburg Sweden. The new record is the best 10 album i have heard the last 10 years. COME TO SWEDEN!!!!!!

Comment by Jose Luis Arciga Arciga | 03.04.2013

I Love Clémentine Delauney

Comment by An0nR3d | 20.02.2013

I think this was a pretty awesome idea. Serenity is one band that sounds like they should have a female singer in addition to their male singer. I look forward to the album.

Comment by bgranger | 23.01.2013

Clementine was outstanding at ProgPowerUSA XIII and her addition will make Serenity even better (if that was really possible)! New album and a new voice. Now all I need is a USA headline tour and the Serenity trifecta will be won!

Comment by Miranda | 22.01.2013

Welcome Clementine! And congratulations to the guys for bringing such a talented, friendly and beautiful woman into the band!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Comment by Dani | 21.01.2013

I think we all knew this was going to happen. I think it might ruin Serenity to have a female singer, but lets see how it goes. I wonder how long it is until she leaves Serenity so her career can go up (seems like what she did with Whyzdom - ).

Comment by Anex | 21.01.2013

Figured as much when I saw the promo pics posted earlier today and saw her in them. It is about time! xD
So happy for Clementine and I will have to check out this album :)

Comment by Traxton | 21.01.2013

Wow Clementine! I wish you a happy time with Serenity! have long waited for this to happen, your voice is so well matched with and to Georg,
I wish you best of luck and looking forward to the new album and all the new songs in the future
you have just given Serenity the extra spice

Best of luck to you all

Best regards big Serenity music fan

Comment by Frank Smith | 21.01.2013

well at last Clementine Delauney has the chance to prove just how good a singer she is. I heard her first time at MFVF in october and i was a instant fan of hers. Serenity is a great band and have been to some of your concerts and have enjoyed your music very much. will be in Brussel on 26th March , see you all there

Comment by jon | 21.01.2013

welcome aboard

Comment by Carol | 21.01.2013

Wow, Clementine on a studio record! My dream came true :)

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