Interview with Georg, Fabio & Tasha in Telfs (Part II)

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Part II of the interesting interview from Serenity Germany Official Fanpage with Georg, Fabio and Tasha in Telfs, March 21st 2015.


Interview with Georg Neuhauser, Fabio D'Amore & Natascha Koch  

Part II (English version)

Translated by Marie-Kristin Kannler, proofread by Clemens Winklmaier
Find the German version here: German version

Tefls, 21. März 2015


I would like to welcome Tasha (Natasch Koch from the band "Tasha") for our second part of the interview with Georg and Fabio.

Serenity Germany Official: Hallo Tasha, welcome to our little group. Starting with a question to all three of you, what are your favorite songs of all previous albums?

Tasha: Well, my absolute favorite song is "The Chevalier" (Death & Legacy), I really think it's very, very great as well as "Royal Pain" (War of Ages). Those are my highlights. Of course, there's something on every album. "Velatum" (Fallen Sanctuary) is right up there in the top group.

Georg: My favorite songs ... in the meanwhile "Legacy of Tudors" (War of Ages) worked its way up to the top. It's a really great song in my opinion and meets my liking. "Velatum" (Fallen Sanctuary) will be high up on the list and some faster stuff  like "Reduced To Nothingness" (Words Untold & Dreams Unlived) as well as "Far From Home" (Death & Legacy), or from the latest album "Symphony For The Quiet" (War of Ages). Yes, those are my favorite songs at the moment. Although this can change a bit from time to time.

Fabio: At the moment my favorite songs are, even though we never have played them live (Georg laughs!!!) first "Tannenberg" (War of Ages) which is my absolute favorite song since the existence of "War Of Ages", plus "Symphony For The Quiet" (War of Ages). Both of them are very powerful and melodic songs. Let's see what the future holds, I don't know yet.



SGO: My favorite song is also "Tannenberg"–  only that I never had the luck to hear it live.

Georg: We had a vote for the setlist for the last two tours 2013 and 2014 and songs like "Legacy Of Tudors" was voted for the most and then we are going to play them.

SGO: So, I have to vote for "Tannenberg" a lot, in order for you to play it. ;) Have you never played "Tannenberg" live?

Georg: No, in the rehearsal room yes, but never live on stage.

SGO: Then it's about time, isn't it?

Georg: Next tour, new set list. ;)

SGO: “War Of Ages“ is my favorite album and it is hard to pick one song, because I like them all, nevertheless "Tannenberg" is my favorite. So, I have to let myself be surprised, maybe you are going to play it sometime.

Georg: Tom is going to be happy about this, because it is one of his songs. Tom had the basic idea for "Tannenberg", the vocal lines came from me and Clemi wrote the final text.

SGO: If you have the chance, you give your fans the opportunity to meet you personally at the merch after the show, signing CDs and taking pictures with the fans, I think that's great. I believe, it means a lot to you, to get close to your fans, right?

Tasha: (spontaneous) YES! (everyone's laughing) Yes, of course, it's something completely new to me. My own solo-career, isn't as advanced as Serenity yet and of course it's amazing seeing this when coming out for the first time. Especially for me it's really amazing, because the fans are all very sweet, and I was a bit scared, that they’re watching me a bit too closely with what I'm doing, but that wasn't the case. They all welcomed me warmheartedly and wanted to take pictures with me as well and everything ... so that's very nice. I think, that's only because the band had an eye on their fans and cares for them.

Georg: I understand, that it's difficult for a band with a certain magnitude to go to the merch booth after the show, because as real superstars you almost have to fear for your life, but were we are right now it is part of our job and in principal we're just doing the whole schmear for the fans. So, I can only speak for myself - for me the stage is what counts. Studio work, I'm not a big fan of. That's the thing that has to be done and when a song develops, getting better and bigger, that's great, but I'm not a freak who locks himself in the studio for 35 nights and works on one beat, that's too exhausting for me. But when you're on stage and the spark jumps across, either from the audience to the stage, or, mostly it's the other way around - hopefully - then you go, okay, everything paid off and that's why the fans have a right to exchange some words with us after the show. It's just important for us, that you have to draw a certain line, clearly, because there simply are fans who approach you "more aggressively", not violent or anything, but simply more offensive, so to speak. And there are the fans who are more reserved, and  they want to get a picture, and should get their autographs and should be able to talk 2, 3 sentences with us and that's why you have to tell the others "Okay, sorry, now it's the turn of the guys back there, they have been waiting for 10 minutes, maybe 20 minutes or even half an hour to take a photo." and the others can't take that amiss. And what's also very important - and it's good to mentioned that in an interview from time to time, I think - it has be to clear to everyone, that there are times for the bands, when the band is knackered. Like when you had a tough day, when the show was exhausting, because you had technical problems and so forth and you really had only stress, stress, stress, then the fan shouldn't get the wrong end of the stick, when you're are a bit gruff and you simply say: "So, I'm off, I have to cool down." Of course at the beginning this is hard to understand for many fans, because they don't have the background information. I believe, it's often an issue with women, that especially male fans don't know their limits. It isn't that big of a deal with bands as renown as we are, but if you take for example Delain or even Nightwish, or other big bands like Within Temptation, where the fans go crazy from time to time, even get physical, or putting their hand in places, where they surely have no business - if that's the case, then the fan has to expect, that it poscht!

SGO: That what???


Georg: Well, when he thinks he can see the female vocalist as an object of desire and grope her or whatever, then it may well be, that it backfires in his face. Either from the female vocalist herself or from another band member, because what the heck?

SGO: Ah, okay – I do understand! *grinning* I think it's totally justified.



Fabio: I think, it is very important for us, but the fans have to understand, that we’re under a lot of stress during those shows. Especially with bands of our renown, as support band we can not travel with a big crew, but have to do everything ourselves. So it can happen, that you’re completely drenched in sweat, you have to go out in the cold and then you don’t have the time nor the will to take a quick picture with someone. There are simple health aspects as well, because it is far from good, when you’re getting a cold while doing so and the tour has to be cancelled. The people have to understand that. I've been playing with this band for five years and there wasn’t one show, where we weren’t at the merch. Not a single time, we are always there and then it can’t be a problem when you don’t have time for the fans in every situation. Sometimes it’s too much, when you’re all sweaty and smelly.

SGO: I think, that should be understandable for everyone and most fans will accept it. I think it’s really nice of you , that you always find time for your fans. The personal contact with a band is very important to me as well. There are people, for whom primarily the music counts. They come to the concerts to see their band live and they leave right after the show. But there are also many fans, who like to exchange some words with the band members and I think you notice if the band likes to do that or if it is merely a chore to them. You are always affectionate towards your fans and I think that’s really great.

Georg: Super, we’re happy to hear that.

SGO: My next question refers to your future tours once more. With which bands, wether as a headliner or support act, would you like to be on stage with or doing a tour? Is there someone, where you say, doing a tour with them would be great?


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