Ailyn from Sirenia on Death & Legacy

22.12.2010 15:00 by SERENITY (10 comments)

SERENITY found the perfect female counterpart to leadsinger Georg Neuhauser for a song called "The Chevalier" dealing with Giacomo Casanova. AILYN from famous norwegian band SIRENIA sings this duett and will also star as a main character in the upcoming SERENITY music video, ready to launch in January.

On the album Ailyn is joined by Charlotte Wessels from dutch band DELAIN and Amanda Somerville, fairly well known for her appearances on AVANTASIA, EPICA, KISKE,... All of them have absolutely beautiful voices and bring a new nuance to this all new SERENITY experience.

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Comment by SesChan | 08.02.2011

Viva esa Ailynn coñoo!
Saludosss desde tu Graná!!

Comment by Borovka Vlastimil | 28.01.2011

Vaše muzika je nádherna.Vždycky když si ji pustím zaplaví mně to tak skvělou energií že i ten život je pak jednoduší a lehčí.Za celou dobu co posloucham tento styl jsem ještě neslišel lepšího zpěváka a lepší vocaly.Jste užasný.Děkuji.Mam u vás objednavku ,nešla by poslat na dobírku?Mam trošku problém rozluštit ty obchodní podmínky.Určitě to odeberu .Díky kluci

Comment by Ingrid v. T | 25.12.2010

Great pack. Serenity, Delain, Amanda and Ailyn.
But they won't play in Holland during the tour with Delain.
Or is there still a chance????????

Comment by Tony | 24.12.2010

Can't wait for the video!! This collaboration will make history for both Serenity and Ailyn! Very good choice! I'm sure the video will become quickly Serenity's most watched video in Youtube! Greaaat track!

Comment by Jim | 22.12.2010

O.o, amazing news!!!!!! \m/

Comment by Tarý | 22.12.2010

Wooow! So fucking great! I didn't listen all of them so I would be more surprising whe I'll buy the album!
Can't wait for it guys! And you're finally coming to Barcelona.. and with DELAIN :D sooo sooo cool :)

Comment by Joseph Hannan | 22.12.2010

The song is absolutely amazing, I was blown away when I heard it. Cannot wait for the music video and when you guys come to Scotland again!

Comment by Lisa | 22.12.2010

Great news!!! I'm sooooo looking forward to the album!

Comment by Raúl | 22.12.2010

GREAT! We can't wait to see the video!

Comment by Ailyn | 22.12.2010

Greaaaaat :)

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