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22.01.2011 17:05 by SERENITY (2 comments) First Death & Legacy Reviews & Listening Sessions First "Death & Legacy" reviews and listening session reports are coming in! The first review was written by "That... [Read more...]
18.01.2011 21:44 by SERENITY (0 comments) Thomas Buchberger Signs Endorsement Deal Thomas Buchberger, guitarist & composer for SERENITY, signs guitar endorsement deal with polish high quality... [Read more...]
07.01.2011 01:00 by SERENITY (1 comments) Serenity At Metalcamp 2011 & Metalfest Hungary 2011 SERENITY will perform at Metalcamp 2011 in Slovenia. The festival will take place from 11.07.2011 - 17.07.2011. The... [Read more...]
22.12.2010 15:00 by SERENITY (10 comments) Ailyn from Sirenia on Death & Legacy SERENITY found the perfect female counterpart to leadsinger Georg Neuhauser for a song called "The Chevalier"... [Read more...]
19.12.2010 20:00 by SERENITY (18 comments) New Album = New Website The upcoming release of "Death and Legacy" made us think on improvements on our website. And so we put a whole lot... [Read more...]
11.12.2010 20:00 by SERENITY (0 comments) Lets move... Hi folks.... Let me just tell you some things about our current status! Everything is done... Napalm Records is... [Read more...]
01.12.2010 23:53 by SERENITY (0 comments) Sale Sale Sale Hi metal heads! Let me tell you it’s time again for a ‘Christmas special’ in our shop! We’ve reduced the... [Read more...]
25.08.2010 16:16 by SERENITY (0 comments) Simon Holzknecht leaves Serenity In SERENITY's history, this is the first truly sad message we have to publish. Simon Holzknecht - bass guitars -... [Read more...]
25.08.2010 15:00 by SERENITY (1 comments) Serenity on tour with Delain As some of you may have realized (via some newsentries spread all over the web), SERENITY will tour all over Europe... [Read more...]
24.07.2010 23:48 by SERENITY (0 comments) Death & Legacy Hi there, our upcoming album "Death and Legacy" is still progressing! Slowly but it is progressing... We have so... [Read more...]
11.04.2010 23:32 by SERENITY (0 comments) Show date at Metalfest Austria & live report We're performing on Wednesday! ... and Wednesday is the 12th of May!! There'll be a special Napalm Records label... [Read more...]
27.03.2010 23:39 by SERENITY (0 comments) Studio Message Here is a little video report directly out of our studio! See Video [Read more...]
21.03.2010 23:49 by SERENITY (0 comments) Update On New Songs... I've been working on the last couple of songs for about 3 days now and I have to admit that I underestimated how... [Read more...]
18.03.2010 23:51 by SERENITY (0 comments) Finishing Songwriting In the next two weeks we will finish the last few songs for our next big release "Death & Legacy". Unluckily these... [Read more...]
18.12.2009 23:56 by SERENITY (0 comments) Thank You Rock It Readers SERENITY was ranked #28 out of 40 in the reader's poll of German magazine "Rock it!" (issue No. 55)!! That's really... [Read more...]
07.12.2009 23:59 by SERENITY (0 comments) Serenity In Guitar Hero Simply awesome or the way Georg said it "I scheiß an Kropfn" -- please don't ask for translation ;-) [Read more...]
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