Released October 27th 2017

LIONHEART happened between spring and beginning of summer 2017. Produced by Jan Vacik & Serenity. Mix and Mastering, Pre-production, keyboards, add. vocals by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studios (Munich / Germany) -- FB: DREAMSOUND-STUDIOS-MÜNCHEN

Orchestral arrangements and programming by Lukas Knoebl – Aeonata.

Bass guitar recorded by Fabio D’Amore at Artesonika Recording Studio AT -

Guitars recorded by Chris Hermsdörfer at his personal dungeon

Vocals produced by Jan Vacik and Georg Neuhauser at Dreamsound Studios

Drums recorded and edited by Jan Vacik and Niklas Müller at Dreamsound Studios, Drum Sound edited by Chris Hermsdörfer

Additional male vocals on “Stand and Fight” by Fabio D’Amore.

Additional male vocals on “My Fantasy” by Jan Vacik.

Female vocals on “Heaven” by Katja Moslehner (Ex-Faun) recorded by Bernd Wendlandt at Valicon (Berlin / Germany) additional choirs by Jan Vacik, Georg Neuhauser, Christian Hermsdörfer, Fabio D'Amore, Andreas Schipflinger, Franz-Josef Hause

Female vocals on “The Final Crusade” by Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance) recorded by Riccardo Vandelli at Groundfloor Studio (Modena / Italy)

Guitar-Solo on “My Fantasy” by Bob Katsionis (Serious Black, Firewind) recorded by Bob Katsionis at Sound Symmetry Studio (Athens / Greece)

Pictures & artwork by Manuel “Janus” Mair at Janus Photography & Art  -  FB: janusfotoART

Artwork and booklet design by Gyula Havancsák, Hjules Design and Illustrations

All music written by Vacik, Neuhauser, Hermsdörfer and D’Amore, except “Deus Lo Vult“ written by Lukas Knoebl

All lyrics created by Serenity based on historical events, inspired by Richard “Lionheart” and his legacy


  1. Deus Lo Vult
  2. United
  3. Lionheart
  4. Hero
  5. Rising High
  6. Heaven
  7. King's Landing
  8. Eternal Victory
  9. Stand And Fight
  10. The Fortress (Of Blood And Sand)
  11. Empire
  12. My Fantasy
  13. The Final Crusade
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