Thomas Buchberger

born October 16th


Engineer of IT, marketing & PR, webdesign & layout, MUSICIAN, being daddy ;-)


Mayones Regius - Custom 7string guitar, 2 Caparison Dellinger 7-string guitars, Raimundo classical, Crafter GLXE-3000/RS acoustic, Diezel Herbert amp (studio & live -- amazing!!!), Engl 2x12” cabinet (studio & live), Korg DTR-1000 rack tuner, TC Electronics G-Major, Voodoolab Ground Control Pro, Morley Wah, Morley Master Volume pedal, studio PC [Intel Core i7, 6GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit, 24" Dell Monitor], Cubase 5, EW Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Goliath, Stormdrum2, Voices of Passion, Symphonic Choirs, Ra, Sonic Synth, Kontakt 3, Addictive Drums, Waves Plugins, different other plug-ins & effects, Tannoy Reveal 6 studio monitors, M-Audio Delta 1010 audio interface, Joemeek TwinQ channel strip, several condenser & dynamic microphones


EVERGREY - all albums, KAMELOT - Karma, ANGRA - all albums, PAGAN'S MIND - Enigmatic Calling, MALPRACTICE - Deviation From The Flow, CIRCUS MAXIMUS - The 1st Chapter & Isolate, NIGHTWISH - Dark Passion Play & Once, NOCTURNAL RITES - everything from Shadowland on, SONATA ARCTICA - Ecliptica & Silence, STRATOVARIUS - several albums, DELAIN - April Rain, MERCENARY - 11 Dreams, CAIN'S OFFERING, SYMPHONY X - V, Paradise Lost,....


Jani Liimatainen (Sonata Arctica), Paul Gilbert (RACER X), my Dad (, Nils Norberg (NOCTURNAL RITES) & many many others


The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien), Eragon (Christopher Paolini)

Movies, TV shows and music DVDs

The Lord Of The Rings, Stardust, Braveheart, Willow, The Life Of Brian, Knights Of The Holy Grail, Mel Brooks' Robin Hood - Men In Tights, The Bourne Trilogy, Spaceballs, Riddick, Narnia, Battlestar Galactica, Serenity/Firefly, Farscape, Shrek, Ice Age 1-3, DREAM THEATER - Live At Budokan, EVERGREY - A Night To Remember, NIGHTWISH - End Of An Era, KAMELOT - One Cold Winter's Night

Favourite food

Zillertaler Krapfen (a local specialty)

Favourite drink

Röhmerquelle Emotion, Ice tea, water, orange juice

Best Serenity gig so far

I have a feeling that this will be Tilburg from the upcoming Kamelot tour --- well, Tilburg was awesome, but Cologne too, Wolverhampton,..... ("Ich kann in die Zukunft sehen" - "Wann hat das angefangen?" - "Nächsten Donnerstag!")

Best visited concert

NIGHTWISH 2005 at Earthshaker Festival (GER), AVANTASIA 2010 in Kaufbeuren (GER)
KAMELOT at several gigs during our "Rule The World Tour" in spring 2009 SONATA ARCTICA in Munich 2007


Music (writing songs & playing guitar in specific), computers, design & layout, video games (Nintendo rules), sports (skiing, football), photography Actually too many interests next to my family, work & SERENITY

Personal music history

Due to my dad being a professional musician (american country & rock music) I had no choice than playing the guitar myself. So I started in the age of nine with classical guitar for about 5 years. But actually I really wasn't that interested into music at that time. Everything started at the age of 14, when I got my first electric guitar and at the same time I discovered bands like METALLICA, OZZY OSBOURNE, DIO, IRON MAIDEN, ... From that time on I started playing in my own bands. AGELESS (covers & own songs from NIRVANA to METALLICA & a lot more), MAGIC MUSHROOMS (crossover - own songs), AGELESS (2nd attempt - covers & own songs - more poppy than the first line up), SCENE ONE (Rock-Pop covers, still substitute), substitute for my dad's bands TRUCKS, DESPERADOS & RUSTY BONES, and finally SERENITY (after some attempts with Georg & some other guys). Those bands helped the most to get better. Especially those 100s of gigs with SCENE ONE & my dad learned me to keep cool on stage. Nowadays I concentrate on improving a bit from time to time, especially trying to improve in writing songs for SERENITY & get to know more about studio techniques & stuff!! I now also have my own home studio (actually it's only a very very small room, but I am able to write songs, record vocals, keys, guitars, ... for example all guitars & most of the preproduction & Napalm demos for "Fallen Sanctuary"). Nowadays I also do basic orchestrations, keyboards & pianos while writing songs, I also began singing guide vocal lines. And there exists a new coverband called KINGS - basically Scene One with only 3 musicians!

Goals for the future

I hope that SERENITY constantly grow & I'm trying to write even better songs for the 3rd album - which seems to work out great at the moment. Next to that I'll try to improve sound quality of drums, guitars & bass for the next release. AND THE BIGGEST GOAL AT THE MOMENT: finish songwriting for 5-6 songs for our upcoming release!