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21.02.2012 20:01 by SERENITY (19 comments)

Hi everybody,

I want to give you some insight in what is currently going on within SERENITY. Our plans, current work, etc.

First of there is to say that we have started working on our next release. We have tons of ideas and we try to figure out what is worthy of being released on the next album. So on basis of lots of ideas from me (Tom), some stuff of Georg and also Mario and Fabio, we meet eachother on a weekly basis (the first time we are doing this since Fallen Sanctuary) to work on structures and vocal lines especially. Fabio disappointlingly is not part of this finalizing process as he is just too far away from our place here in Tyrol/Austria.

2 songs are already finished in structure, musical arrangement and even orchestration from Oliver Philipps (who else...). Already sound fantastic in their preproductional rough mix version. But we still need to work on the vocal lines and so some changes may still find their way into the final version. Codenames are "Oriental Dream" (honestly we have a slightly different internal codename I simply cannot tell you ;-)) and Electro. Those names have nothing to do with lyrics or anything else. We always give strange codenames to our songs. "Spatzl mit Kraut" (austrian food) or "Schmelzest" (similar to melting) just to name two??

Oriental Dream can be imagined as something you would expect from SERENITY. Heavy riffing leading into a dreamy verse, midtempo chorus, heavy orchestration and arrangement in general, acoustic guitars, some oriental elements,... All in all an upper midtempo song with lots of cool heavy melodic moments. Quite compact -- something we try to keep in mind for the whole album.

Electro is quite young. The idea is my latest work but I just felt this was what we needed to get some more variety and a little modern touch. This one is also finished with all arrangements in terms of music. Again... we are still finalizing the vocal lines to make them a little more interesting and even catchier than they are now. Final words: easy listening with a stunning dreamy pop'y vibe!

The next 2 songs we will be working on are "XXX" and "WhiteWhiteWeg" (==FarFarAway). Cool names - hmmmm? XXX currently is a quite heavy and modern song which resembles a lot of our own trademarks such as double bass parts, heavy orchestration, cool rhythm changes, powerful vocals,... If you can imagine a mixture of lets say "To Stone She Turned", "All Lights Reversed" and "Far From Home" or "Circle Of My 2nd Life" you get at least an idea of this one.

WhiteWhiteWeg is our speed output so far. Very much like "Far From Home", "New Horizons", "Engraved Within",... I love this one for being a very compact melodic metal hymn and having some stunning melodies. I can only imagine how this one will sound with Oli's orchestral arrangements. Mine are - lets say - "close" to his, but maybe not that massive and well arranged ;-)

Other ideas I am almost certain of making it into the final product include a ballad from Georg (by the way - we never had so many ballad ideas for one album - next to this one there are 2 other ones from me and another one from Georg), "Trip To Hawaii" from Mario (promising chorus! different vibe in general!), something from Fabio, and 2 harder songs named "Godzilla" - based on a very cool riff and a cool chorus - and "Eurasia" - some kind of heavy march from me.

We have a whole lot of song ideas and parts for this release. The question now is what to work on and what to dismiss immediately. And this process is not that easy anymore as it was in the past when we worked on almost everything and those songs also made it onto the album. But nowadays I think we are more concerned about overall quality as ever before. Which honestly puts us under some serious pressure.

But I am confident that we will overcome this songwriting task again. Somehow at least ;-)

We are already looking into the cover design for this one too. But haven't found a perfect match so far. We will see...

cu, tom and SERENITY

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Comment by mrband | 23.07.2012

Hi guys, I've just discovered Death & Legacy (yeah, 1 year late, sorry) and have to tell you I can't stop listen this stuff: ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND WONDERFUL album, fantastic lyrics, great riffs, catchy choruses, a total pleasure to my ears. I also love History, so the concept of the album fits perfectly with me. EPIC!!!

Favorite songs: New Horizons, The chevalier, Heavenly mission, Serenade of flames, India's shores, but ALL are excellent.

Can't wait for your next work! Thanks!

Comment by Scott | 12.06.2012

As long as the new release is NOT a concept album like Death & Legacy I will be happy. I liked the album OK but it was not a proper follow up to Fallen Sanctuary IMO. I kept feeling like I was listening to Phantom of the Opera. That is not a good thing. Not trying to sound negative, i'm just ready for you guys to blow me out of the water.

Comment by James | 03.05.2012

Greetings from California USA -Just discovering/hearing the band for the first time last week -and totally amazed. Hope to see you do a full US tour in the future CHEERS

Comment by CarolR | 16.03.2012

Looking forward to seeing you in Camden Underworld - we live over 5 hours from London in rural north Pembrokeshire and cannot wait!
Please play some new stuff and all the old stuff!

Comment by Igor | 02.03.2012

We'd sure love to have you in Texas USA someday. Unfortunately, Atlanta is a no-go for some of us!

Comment by Disarmonious | 02.03.2012

I'm still listening to Death & Legacy! It's still got that freshness to it! This music is an amazing experience every time I listen to it! The albums keep getting better as a whole. I can't imagine how much better another album could get!? Keep the CD's coming Serenity! You're music is essential and my ears are glad to be a part of your musical progression! I have a suggestion, if my words are to be heard from any member from the band. I'd love to hear a cover tune from Serenity. It's apparent that your a band that has much material to be thinking about doing such a thing, but maybe sometime down the road, a B-Side (lol I'm old) or like an album could be released with songs that didn't quite make the cut on previous albums that could include a cover. If this is to be read and considered, perhaps you could cover some song from the 80's. I'd love to hear a cover from one of the following bands; White Snake, Saigon Kick, Winger, Tesla...? Oh well...looking forward to the new material Serenity...please keep creating that musical path that only the true believers would follow!

Comment by Kaakinen | 28.02.2012

I love how you guys are actually giving such detailed descriptions about what you're working on. Very much looking forward to the new release. Hoping to see you coming to Finland as well sometime after the album is ready :)

Comment by Miranda | 27.02.2012

Great news Tom, thanks for the descriptions of the songs and the process you guys are in at the moment.
Can;t wait to hear this new exciting stuff!! I was also slightly worried about the pop-sound but then again, it will be just right, I know it.
See you guys soon!!!

Comment by stavroula | 25.02.2012

your words are so well said...well done, honestly I don't know you personally but what you make me feel is that you're really trying to be a professional artist and you create the way you feel like, not a certain way just to become widely acceptable and liked. that's what I wanna see from bands around and you really make me glad :)
I wish you all SERENITY's members good luck with the new release. thank you for being a part of this music industry following the most hard-to-be successful music genre (but to my mind the most original and deep)
I'd better stop spamming the comment page now xD

Comment by Tom | 25.02.2012

C'mon... nobody needs to apologize... I know what we are capable of and I hope we can deliver another stunning release, which a lot of people can enjoy (ourselves included!). SERENITY releases are (at least in my opinion) about songwriting. So that's what we are focusing right now. Although I have to admit that we are still at the very beginning of a quite long process... tom

Comment by stavroula | 25.02.2012

and tom, I'm really sorry if it sounded like I offend SERENITY or something coz really it was not my intention at all, don't get me the wrong way it's just that I really love serenity's sound but this doesn't mean I don't think it's good to evolute and try out new things.
I overreacted, stupid of mine.
I'm really happy to have found out about your band..
sorry again, I trully apologise ^^

Comment by Robbo | 24.02.2012

Cant wait to hear the new album. Have really liked all 3 so far. Death and Legacy was amazing...

See you at the Camden Underworld next month. 3 hour drive to get there but i know it,ll be worth it. :-).



Comment by stavroula | 24.02.2012

YES! Serenade Of Flames and The Chevalier are definitely not commercial pop-ish songs like came to my mind when read your lines ;)
thank you for your response, I really appreciate it and knowing you will keep following more or less the same philosophy in your music is awesome.
can't wait for the new release :)

Comment by Tom | 24.02.2012

Don't worry... You can imagine this song being in the style of for instance "Serenade Of Flames" or "The Chevalier". We don't make Pop -- it's just a little different than the speed stuff or really hard stuff. On the opposite there will be the whole SERENITY variety you got used to -- but as always with some minor changes in general... I don't think anyone needs to worry...

Comment by stavroula | 24.02.2012

I loved everything on tom's description apart from that pop'y's not I'm not open to popish sounds sure, just affected by Within Temptation's change to more modern pop-ish, mainstream sounds with their latest album release I am so afraid that maybe SERENITY will somehow end up same way. I know in this music industry it's all about making money and it's natural wanna be widely accepted and liked but this commericalism..aggh it so badly gets on my nerves. But I'm not saying you guys wanna do that too, don't take it the wrong way :)
of course having one- two songs with different sound is perfect as it gives variety but please don't ever abandon the melodic symphonic-power metal sound coz this is exactly what makes SERENITY's so freakin' amazing.
Also I loved D&L's historical concept and bombastic sounds, hope to see simmilar stuff on the new release accompanied with more calm melodic sounds like WOADU ones and ballads which georg can perfectly carry out.

Greetings from greece!

Comment by arvind | 22.02.2012

Serenity- you guys roll, i just loved death and legacy..cant wiA for your new album. Amazing symphonic sounds!!!!

Arvind, bangalore, India

Comment by Anita | 21.02.2012

I'm sooo looking forward to it.

Comment by Tiffany | 21.02.2012

\o/ woohoo what a good news !
i'm sure it'll rock like hell :p
can't wait to see u back ! and with Tom for that time ^^ ! so happy !
Take care ;)
Love from France.


Comment by hugues | 21.02.2012

Why not keep them all and release a double cd (a concept album)?
Keep going boys!
CU soon in Pratteln and the UK!
Greetz from Brussels

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