SERENITY's professional history has its beginning in 2004 in Tyrol/Austria when a stable lineup was found which consisted of Georg Neuhauser (lead vocals), Thomas Buchberger (lead & rhythm guitars), Simon Holzknecht (bass), Mario Hirzinger (keys, vocals - left the band in 2012) and Andreas Schipflinger (drums, vocals). This line up brought some subtle musical changes. Besides introducing a new lead voice the songs were now based on a more 'metal' riffing, yet a high demand on melodies, orchestral parts and arrangements for several voices surely remained. In 2012 female vocalist Clementine Delauney joined the band as female counterpart to Georg.

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Georg Neuhauser
Georg Neuhauser
Chris Hermsdörfer
Chris Hermsdörfer
Andreas Schipflinger
Andreas Schipflinger
Fabio D'Amore
Fabio D'Amore
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